Rainbow Child 
Care Centre

Let's Play

                           Our Philosophy


‘Let’s Play’ remains our catch phrase

 Rainbow Child Care Centre believes play is important in children’s lives and is a fun way to learn. Play enables children to make sense of their world exploring, experimenting, discovering, and interacting with their surrounding environment and people in it gaining confidence in their abilities and interactions. Rainbow Child Care Centre is a place where children are encouraged to develop at their own place, to their full potential in a play based, fun, safe, caring and supportive learning environment. We believe children learn through their own experiences (Piaget), by their play and discovery being supported, scaffolded and guided by positive role models (Bandura) “Belonging, Being and Becoming” (EYLF) Rainbow Child Care Centre believes that the early years are vital to children’s lifelong learning, development and wellbeing (Fraser Mustard 1995, Early Years Learning Framework, DEEWR 2009, National Quality Framework, ACECQA 2011). We believe that children need the support of caring families and communities to help them to develop to their full potential (Brofenbrenner), becoming confident community members. By children developing attachments with educators, feeling safe and secure in their environment and trusting the adults around them to give consistent and caring support they are able to develop positive dispositions for learning, gain confidence in their abilities and learn to self-regulate their emotions (Bowlby, Erikison). We aim to achieve a seamless transition from home to Rainbow by building meaningful partnerships with families where children’s wellbeing, interests and learning is shared and valued. We believe that our different cultural backgrounds including the local Noongar community bring richness and diversity to our community and we encourage cross cultural learning for educators and children. We value all children’s uniqueness and will endeavour to support all children to reach their full potential by providing experiences and opportunities which arise from children’s interests and abilities as well as challenge children’s skills and abilities in a variety of situations and ways. We believe it is important for children to immerse themselves in nature and learn through their senses. Through this, children develop a sense of joy and ownership of their natural environment and learn to care for it. Children are our future decision makers and we believe it is important to fully embrace sustainability, embedding practices into everyday life. Our intention is to promote a sense of community inviting children, families, educators, Management Committee and community members to participate in the ongoing development of the centre: each unique perspective being valued. Our aim is for children and families to feel welcome and that they truly belong, working together to achieve the best outcomes for children. (Bowlby, Erickson). 

Updated August 2016.